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Explore our unique collection of pearl rings, sterling silver and gold filled rings. Whether as a minimal band worn by itself or multiple stacking rings, these little beauties are very wearable and make thoughtful gifts. These rings are hypoallergenic and will last for years, due to using quality materials (gold filled is a thick layer of carat gold, 100 times thicker than gold plated). We are also happy to offer size inclusive options, with small through to plus size rings. Which we can do since we proudly make the rings ourselves right here in the UK, with the highest quality pearls and materials.

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Baroque pearl ring with gold filled shankGold baroque pearl ring
Gold Baroque Pearl Ring Sale price€69,95
Silver baroque pearl ringHand holding dried branch wearing large baroque pearl ring with silver band
Silver Baroque Pearl Ring Sale price€64,95
Close up of ring made entirely with pearlsBack of model wearing pearl jewellery
Seed Pearl Ring Sale price€45,95
Hammered gold ringSet of three gold rings - plain hammered and pearl
Hammered Gold Filled Ring Sale price€52,95
Pearl and gold bead ringSeed pearl and gold bead ring held in white fabric
Pearl and Gold Bead Ring Sale price€49,95
Smooth gold filled ringSlim gold filled ring in white fabric
Gold Filled Stacking Ring Sale price€52,95
Single gold bead and pearl ringShell shaped dish with a pearl ring with a small gold bead
Single Gold Bead Pearl Ring Sale price€49,95
Sterling silver stacking ringSlim silver ring held in white fabric
Pearl and sterling silver bead ringPearl and silver bead ring
Pearl and Silver Bead Ring Sale price€45,95
Hammered Silver RingModel holding hands together wearing stack of silver rings
pearl ring with a single silver beadTiny pearl ring with single silver bead
Adjustable hammered gold ringGold ring from above on tile
Adjustable hammered silver ringSilver ring from above
hand wearing intertwined gold and silver hammered rings Intertwined gold and silver hammered ring stack on a trinket dish
silver small pearl ringsilver round pearl ring laid flat on trinket dish
Silver Small Pearl Ring Sale price€57,95
Small pearl gold ringSmall round pearl gold ring laid flat
Small Pearl Gold Ring Sale price€63,95